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welcome to the national h.c.s.c. alumni club


Dear H.C.S.C. Partners,

We are all connected! The strength of our Alumni Club is our shared JCPenney heritage and shared memories of the time we served in the Company. It’s always a joy to attend a H.C.S.C. regional meeting group event and see a friend or acquaintance that you haven’t seen for a while and catch up. Or to see a friend in an article in Partners magazine and read about their life and activities! And we mourn and remember when we see a friend in the “In Memoriam” section of our website or in Partners. This connection is the common bond that we share and should celebrate always!

It is a priority of your current Alumni Club Officers, President Bill Kruder, 2nd Vice President, John Gresham, and myself to build those connections and further strengthen our group! These are some of the ways we hope to build our connections in 2023 and beyond:

-A new National H.C.S.C. website! Fresh, new, and loaded with information that we hope will strengthen those connections! We encourage you to visit frequently and check on your connections! Coming in Fall 2023!

-Small Group “Get Togethers” – many Regional Meeting Group Presidents have been practicing this informal and casual “get together” and now stay tuned for a national day of connecting in small groups on October 18, 2023. See more info in this edition of Partners.

-New Partner of the Quarter Program – what better way to connect then to recognize an Alumni Club member for their contributions both for H.C.S.C and outside of the club in their community! Submit nominations to your RMG President for consideration! Look for our 2023 Partner of the 1st Quarter in this Partners summer edition!

-Membership Growth Campaign – another great way to connect is to add your friends or acquaintances to our group as new members! It’s easy with our online application! And it helps keep our club strong as we lose members annually.

We encourage each member to reach out to a H.C.S.C. Alumni Club member (or non-member) this year and connect. A phone call, an email, a card or letter to a friend or acquaintance will be special and enjoyable as you share memories of an important time in your life! Let’s all commit to connect this year!

Steve Strom

First Vice President

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