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welcome to the national h.c.s.c. alumni club


Dear JCP Partners, 

Spring has Sprung and Flowers are Blooming. What a great time of the year for renewal of our  lives with family and friends to enjoy outside activities. 

We have so many new opportunities for our HCSC Alumni Club.  

1. Two New Regional Meeting Group Club Presidents either from last year or this year -  Cecil Naftel (Southeast), Ron Salzetti (Southern CA, AZ)  

2. RMG Special Events 
Spring Fling for Southern California - Febuary 2024 
Southeast Cruise - June 2- 6 
North Central Get Together in Green Bay, WI June 2 - 4  
Heart of America Hamilton, MO (Birthplace of Mr. Penney) June 24 - 26  Many Breakfast or Luncheons planned for all Regional Meeting Groups  

3. Membership Growth and Engagement 
Phone a Friend - check on a fellow friend to see how they are doing or if they have been sick  
As always try to engage with retired associates to ask them to join our club which is very   easy through the HCSC Website.  

4. Golden Rule Award for Commuity Service - if you know someone or even yourself, that is   very involved with the community please see your President of your regional meeting group  or if you are not part of an RMG please contact Steve, John or Manny we want to hear   from you and know what you are doing to serve your community. We want to recongize you  in our Partners Magzine.  

5. Feeding Amercia, we want to continue to serve our Food Banks twice a year. Once in April   which is our company’s month for Volunteering and if possible working with your local JCP   store to send both store associates and Alumni Club members together to serve their   at the local Food Bank. We will also plan an event in the Fall.  

6. New Website with more information and better ways to commuincate with all our members 

7. Club Dues - streamline via email to pay your dues online or if you don’t have email or we if  we don’t hear from you, then a paper invoice will be mailed with a 6/30/24 due date.  

8. Partners Magazine - you should have received your Spring Partners Magazine and hope   you enjoy the content.  

9. 4th Annual Golden Rule Days - August 22, 2024 in Kemmerer, Wy. More info to come   in the near future on this event, I attended last year and it was fantastic. Plus you have  Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks within 2 - 3 hours   from Kemmerer, Wy to add to your trip.  

If there is anything we can do to help you or your RMG please don’t hesitate to let us know. We  thank you for your support and membership to our club.  



Steve Strom              President   

John Gresham          First Vice President

Manny Fernandez    Second Vice President

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