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Mission statement & goals

H.C.S.C. Alumni Club 2024 Mission Statement

The JCPenney National H.C.S.C. Alumni Club strives to bring former JCPenney associates together in friendship, mutual respect, giving, and volunteerism enjoying their shared heritage and history while honoring James Cash Penney’s principles of Honor, Confidence, Service, and Cooperation.


Adopted December 7, 2023



H.C.S.C. Alumni Club 2024 Officer Goals

1. ) Membership Growth
*Engage all Regional Meeting Groups in actively recruiting new members to achieve our annual goal of 120 new members.


2. ) Member Engagement – Get Togethers

*Encourage small group get togethers once each in the first half and second half of the year as well as the Holidays.


3.) Volunteerism

*Engage our members to contribute to their local communities through their volunteer efforts like the Feeding America Program in collaboration with the JCPenney Company and then to recognize their efforts through the new Golden Rule Award for Community Service.

 4.) Plan for the Future of the H.C.S.C. Alumni Club

*Bill Kruder, Past President, will create a special committee to gather member input and project where our Club will be in 3, 5, and 10 years and what actions we will need to take to ensure our future health.




Steve Strom               President    

John Gresham          First Vice President

Manny Fernandez   Second Vice President

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