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gOLDEN rULE for community service

H.C.S.C Golden Rule Award for Community Service

Beginning in 2024 this will be an annual Award recognizing HCSC Alumni Club members for service in their community.

Overview of Award Nomination Process

  • Nominations due April 15 of each year; RMG nominees announced June 1.

  • One nominee recognized from each RMG and from National Only members.

  • One National awardee selected by a committee comprised of HCSC National Board members.

  • A consistent form will be provided for RMG Presidents to complete for their nominee with guidelines provided.

  • Each RMG nominee and National nominee will be recognized by:

Receiving $50.00 to donate to their charity (+$100 for the National awardee)

Certificate (to be framed and presented by their RMG President at a local meeting or presented to a national Only member by the Executive Board


Nomination Form


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